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Workplace Behaviour Investigations


Independent investigations

Our team is experienced in dealing with sensitive and, at times, highly complex matters which can result in workers’ compensation claims, formal complaints or expensive litigation and prosecutions from statutory authorities. We provide meticulous and independent investigations on:

  • Whistleblowing matters compliant with ASIC requirements
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace violence
  • Victimisation
  • Discrimination
  • COVID19 impacts
  • Breaches of code of conduct
  • Mandatory reporting misconduct including elder and child abuse

Advisory services

We mitigate risk of inappropriate workplace behaviour by identifying the ‘causes’ of such behaviour and working collaboratively with directors and senior management to implement sustainable, preventative solutions. Our advisory services include:

  • Acting as independent Whistleblower Protection Officers
  • Assessing the ASIC compliance of whistleblowing programs
  • Independent assessments of Protected Disclosure eligibility
  • 24/7 Advisory line managed by our in-house lawyers
  • Assessment of your workplace behaviour risks & design of the relevant policies/framework
  • Designing and implementing tailored training programs on workplace behaviour investigations.
  • Culture reviews & surveys
  • Assessing or drafting policies and protocol to ensure legal compliance and appropriate handling of complaints
  • Conciliation / mediation of workplace issues and complaints.
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Factual Investigations

We think differently when it comes to factual investigations on personal injury matters.

We’ve set a new normal in the industry by having a unique quality assurance process, Clarity360^ practitioner training, dedicated account management and a process innovation team. These components work together as part of our standard factual investigation services for Insurers, Claims Agents and their Legal Providers.

We have tailored investigation service models for self-insurers and large employers where we are instructed by insurers as the employers’ preferred investigators.

All cases are managed by our experienced factual investigation management team, supported by our Legal Counsel who has comprehensive litigation experience and knowledge of the legislative requirements to ensure quality reports are delivered for these statutory based schemes – on time, every time.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Initial liability
  • Psychological and psychiatric
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Asbestos and related dust diseases
  • Common Law matters
  • Recovery
  • Fraud
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We stop at nothing short of excellent when it comes to litigation support.

We provide innovative online investigations, process serving and surveillance for leading law-firms and in-house legal teams across Australia.

Online investigations

We have the dedicated management and technical resources to provide clients with cost effective results in:

  • Determining the profile of an individual based on their digital footprint incl. specialised social media profiling
  • Locating individuals who do not want to be found.
  • Locating witnesses.

Process serving

Our proven case management system delivers quality legal documents on the behalf of legal firms across Australia. The benefits of Clarity’s Process Serving approach include:

  • An extensive investigative network to deliver legal documents in a timely manner.
  • Internal Legal Counsel to prepare and swear Affidavits of Service and related documents for all Court jurisdictions within Australia.
  • The ability to serve documents Australia-wide.
  • Internal Legal Counsel to ensure all templates are consistently updated with current Court Rules.
  • Access to web-based case management systems to track the progress of legal documents being served.

Surveillance Investigations

We are one of the insurance industry’s most professional surveillance investigators. Our government licensed and trained private investigators conduct discreet and confidential observations of claimant’s actions and physical activities, which are recorded on video in accordance with the legal requirements of the Surveillance Devices Act, The Privacy Legislation, Industry and Clients’ Codes of Conduct.

We investigate matters such as:

  • Personal injuries arising from workers’ compensation, income protection, CTP and public liability claims.
  • Litigation support on common law matters.
  • Trademark and intellectual property infringements.
  • Corporate fraud
  • Transport related fraud and loss prevention.
  • COVID19 & other OH&S.
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Specialised Recruitment and HR Consulting

Securing the right people in the right roles is paramount to the success of any business.

Clarity has the experienced recruitment team to offer you the power of blending values-aligned job offerings, exciting attraction campaigns and Emotional Intelligence capability assessments to seamlessly integrate highly capable talent at your workplace.


Specialised Recruitment Services

Clarity offers specialised recruitment solutions focused on professional services sector by building exemplary relationships with clients and candidates.  We have a proven track record in accessing the highest quality and most culturally aligned HR talent across professional service firms.

Our Principal, Vicki Kennedy, has over 20 years of experience in providing customised recruitment solutions. The specialised recruitment offering includes –

  • Values-aligned job description development
  • Search and selection campaigns
  • Psychometric testing – personality, emotional intelligence and skill based
  • Talent bank creation & management
  • Candidate assessment reports, case study assessments and role-based scenarios
  • Employer branding advice
  • Contingency recruitment
  • Acquisition, merger and sale of businesses recruitment

HR Management Consulting Services

Once a candidate is part of your team, their success relies on ongoing coaching, measurement and motivation. Being an extension of your organisation’s leadership team, our services focus on how your people can achieve their personal and professional best.

Clarity travels to workplaces all over metro and regional areas to advise on a broad range of delicate and high risk issues including –

  • Probation and disciplinary management
  • Performance management and development
  • Cultural and climate surveys
  • Mediation, conflict resolution, multi-party facilitation and representation
  • Outplacement services
  • Salary reviews
  • Graduate recruitment projects
  • Policy development

We're all about you

We're all about you

We provide independent expert investigation and advice when you need it most.

Dealing with a workplace grievance or formal complaint can be a disruptive and difficult experience for any employer. Some matters require the use of independent investigators and advisors who are experts in the investigation of complex workplace behaviour incidents and work on a timely basis. This is often done with the backdrop of a toxic working environment or culture. Our team provides the clarity and certainty that our investigation reports will stand up to the highest standard of scrutiny in conciliations, commissions and court proceeding.

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We provide objective and relevant factual information to assist your liability decisions.

We have significant technical and professional experience in understanding your legislative and insurance policy obligations when making a liability decision on a personal injuries claim, whether it is workers’ compensation or public liability. We know what you need to make an informed and objective decision. Our factual investigators are also trained in client service expectations to ensure that we become an extension of your customer service philosophy and approach.

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We have experienced lawyers on our investigation team.

Whether you are giving legal advice on a personal injuries common law matters or advising Employers on the legal implications of a serious workplace behaviour complaint, we have a proven track record in proving the added value of having lawyers who are experienced and expert factual investigators.

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We’ll work with you direct

Worker’s mental wellbeing is paramount to us and providing comprehensive support is part of our DNA. We provide trauma-informed advice that has been developed by expert psychologists in the areas of compassion, diversity and suicide prevention. Our staff are trained to ensure that workers feel safe and protected throughout the course of our investigation process.

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Whistleblowing Services

Your Call is Australia’s leading ASIC compliant whistleblowing, training and advisory service. As a related company to Clarity, clients uniquely experience an objective reporting service and an expert workplace investigation team within the one group. Implementing an external whistleblowing service makes your organisation much more likely to uncover wrongdoing and cultivate a ‘speak-up’ culture.

Meet Your Call


A subscription service to access independent & trusted workplace behaviour advice around the clock for your business – anytime, anywhere.



Our mission is to ensure absolute clarity for anyone facing the complex and challenging world of grievances, wrongdoing, complaints and claims. We empower our clients with the best possible outcomes by delivering astute and exemplary advisory services, based on comprehensive and reliable information.


We prevent, detect and respond to challenges employers face in dealing with misconduct & wrongdoing in the workplace. We are also experts in personal injury investigations. If you have new instructions or simply want to discuss issues at your workplace, contact the team via the online form or email hello@clarityws.com.au or call on 03 9938 7007