Vicki Kennedy

Appointment of new Principal – Recruitment & HR Consulting: Vicki Kennedy

Clarity Group is excited to announce the appointment of Vicki Kennedy as Principal – Recruitment & HR Consulting at Clarity Workplace Solutions to establish our specialised Recruitment and HR Consulting service offering.

Vicki moved to regional Victoria a number of years ago for a tree change and decided to place her successful recruitment business (Spring Legal) on hold to ensure the move was a success. We are thrilled to now be celebrating our long-term professional relationship with Vicki and collaborating on the development of a new service offering.

The core of the Clarity Group’s philosophy is to enable our clients to achieve psychologically safe workplaces which gives a voice to all. One integral piece of the better workplace solution is to help employers recruit the right people at the right time who also have the right culture fit. The new service offering will enhance the Clarity Group’s purpose and long term business direction.