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Clarity’s Increased Online Investigation Capacity

The increasing trend towards online investigations has reached an all-time high. To address this rise in the number of clients requiring online investigations, Clarity has increased our Online Investigation team from four to six Investigators. 

Led by Sheena Preston, Manager of Surveillance, Online Investigations and Process Serving, who has recently celebrated her eleventh year at Clarity, this team provides:

  • Skip tracing to locate witnesses, debtors or other parties who don’t wish to be found
  • Social media searches
  • Deep-dive online investigations to determine a subject’s level of activity, including searches to support a plan for surveillance
  • Targeted searches such as business affiliations, property ownership and relationships between parties
  • Urgent searches as needed. 

With decades of online experience and qualifications including OSINT, criminology and psychology, our Online Investigations team provides the intelligent data you need to get the best investigation outcomes. Contact them today on 1300 091 176 or via to discuss your online investigation needs.