Conversations with Clarity – Martyn Campbell – SafeWork SA

Welcome to Conversations with Clarity, where we talk to senior leaders about what it takes to build a Listen Up, Speak Up culture.

In this first episode, Clarity’s Strategic Advisor, Professor Jane Burns and SafeWork SA’s Executive Director, Martyn Campbell, discuss:

  • The rise, cost and impact of psychological injury in the workplace
  • The role and responsibility of boards and senior executives in creating a psychologically safe workplace
  • From a regulator’s perspective, the importance of having a whistleblowing process to support a listen up, speak up culture
  • How to prevent, detect, respond to and learn from workplace incidents, such as bullying and harassment, that fall outside the regulatory definition of whistleblowing



According to data provided by SafeWork SA:

  • Psychological injuries are on the rise
  • The median cost of a psychological injury is approximately $33,000 versus $3,000 for a physical injury claim
  • Workers with psychological injuries take significantly more time off work than those with a physical injury


Additional resources

  • Our sister company, Your Call, talks to emergency services workers about workplace wellbeing on International Women’s Day


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