Launch of ISO37002 – Whistleblower Management System

It’s Time to Optimise your Whistleblower Management System with ISO37002.

As we mentioned in Your Call’s prior blog and podcast, ISO37002 is a guidance document for establishing, implementing, and maintaining an effective whistleblowing management system (WMS). Clarity’s companion brand and leading whistleblowing service, Your Call, complies with ASIC and ISO principles and we strongly support the efforts towards a safer globally unified approach.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting its release and we’re excited to announce it is now deployed and ready for use! The document guides organisations for implementing, managing, evaluating, maintaining, and improving a robust and effective WMS across all sectors and business types (including non-profits). Organisations can use ISO 37002 as stand-alone guidance or pair it with other management system standards related to ethics, quality, risk, and whistleblowing.

While many organisations write and implement whistleblower policies, a policy by itself is not enough – it must operate within a formal WMS that has robust provisions for confidentiality, secure document and evidence storage, fair and expert investigations, communication channels that permit anonymous and ongoing communication, protections against stakeholder detriment, and support streams. Additionally, personnel at all levels must be trained at onboarding, and also receive continuing professional development that ensures comprehension about the WMS, as well as its foundational ethical values.

The ISO37002, while not a legal requirement, is best practice. Considering that a WMS is not static but rather dynamic due to the flow of disclosures/whistleblower reports and investigations, the guidance of the ISO37002 regarding monitoring and improving a WMS is helpful to organisations so that their responses to whistleblowers are effective.

Clarity Group offers clients ISO37002 planning, implementation and management services.