Mathew Seeto joins Clarity Workplace Solutions as new CEO

Clarity Workplace Solutions is delighted to welcome Mathew Seeto as our new CEO.  Mathew joins Clarity at a pivotal point for the business and will be responsible for leading the next stage of our growth.

Vincent Quattropani remains Founder and Executive Chair of Clarity Workplace Solutions and co-Founder and Executive Chair of Your Call Whistleblowing and Rely.

“Clarity Workplace Solutions commenced nearly 10 years ago and our team sets the standard for quality investigations and innovation in the insurance industry. Mathew’s appointment as CEO is a pivot point to our growth strategy for the next 10 years, which includes expanding our services across Australia. Mathew will lead the way with our renewed investment in systems and training for our team, which will benefit our clients and insurance companies greatly,” Mr Quattropani said.

We sat down with Mat for a 5 minute Q&A to explore his background and what fuels his passion for building safer workplaces.


Tell us a bit about your work background?

I come from a background in Human Resources and Workers’ Compensation. I started my career in local government before moving to HR in the NSW Police Force. Eventually, I was promoted to Manager of their Workers’ Compensation area.

I then joined Wesfarmers as a Reporting and Compliance Manager, completing performance reports for the self-insurers in NSW and ACT, as well as ensuring that we were compliant with the licensing requirements. I was then approached by a consulting firm to manage the Westpac Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Team for NSW, ACT and the Asia Pacific Region.

I joined one of the largest workplace rehabilitation providers, Konekt, as their National Service Manager – Insurance. In this role, I was responsible for uplifting the service standards for their insurance clients. I was also seconded into the National Relationship Manager – Corporate role.

After Konekt, I did some consulting of my own and when my wife was pregnant with our third child, I returned to the NSW Police Force as their Senior Technical Advisor.

My last role prior to Clarity was with SureFact as their General Manager – Operations and Partnerships, where I managed operations of the factual, surveillance and workplace investigations as well as the sales, relationships and partnerships of all areas of the business.


Why have you joined the team at Clarity?

I have joined the Clarity team as CEO to lead the talented team of investigators and case management staff to ensure we deliver the highest quality workplace and personal injury investigations for our clients, insurers and referral partners.


What insights will you bring to Clarity’s clients and team from your experience?

Having worked with personal injury claims for most of my career, I have a strong grasp of the market and the nuances that it brings, which will help me lead and mentor the team to be market leaders in this space. Additionally, I have strong relationships that will help bring the Clarity brand to the forefront of everyone’s mind.


What do you think are the most pressing health, safety and wellbeing issues faced by employers?

I think mental health is the biggest issue employers are facing. Mental health concerns are often hidden, which makes them harder for employers to detect and manage. Employers need to find ways of promoting mentally healthy workplaces and encourage a culture of seeking help. I know Clarity Workplace Solutions, through its sister companies with Rely and Your Call Whistleblowing, helps employers to create psychologically safe speak up cultures, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with the experts who work for our other brands.


What are your priorities for your first 100 days in the role?

To meet with our team, our clients and to connect with our stakeholders to ensure that everyone is optimised for success.


Which sports teams do you barrack for?

Most of the sports that I watch are obscure individual sports like weightlifting and CrossFit. My favourite weightlifters are Loredana Toma, Hidilyn Diaz and Lu Xiao Jun and my favourite CrossFitters are Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am excited to be working with Clarity Workplace Solutions and alongside our other brands, Your Call and Rely. I look forward to meeting our clients, insurers and law firm partners soon.


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