Meet Rely, a SaaS platform to transform how workplace issues are managed

In September 2022, the co-Founders of Clarity Workplace Solutions and Your Call launched Rely, an intelligent case management platform which helps organisations to prevent, detect and respond to workplace issues.

We spoke to Clarity, Your Call and Rely’s co-Founders, Vincent Quattropani and Nathan Luker, about what inspired the group to build Rely, especially in the middle of a global pandemic.

How did the idea for the Rely come about?

The idea for Rely came about through talking to leaders in HR, risk and health and safety about the challenges they face managing conduct and culture issues, such as bullying, harassment and racism. These issues have such a detrimental effect on worker wellbeing, productivity and the overall workplace culture.

These experiences, mixed with our workplace investigation expertise, sparked early iterations of Rely.

We heard from leaders who struggle with how to provide a fair and consistent workplace investigation process, getting solid data about workplace conduct to support policy decisions and knowing what the best practice is to follow.  Most organisations use spreadsheets and shared drives to manage the reporting of conduct issues, which means data isn’t aggregated to one central place with one holistic view across the entire organisation. What’s more, there is no consistency in terms of how workplace issues are reported, investigated and communicated.

Without unified issues management, without an operational structure, without the organisation sharing the information, it’s impossible to prevent conduct and culture issues. Leaders are always putting out fires, issues aren’t remedied with action, policies aren’t enforced consistently across the organisation and as a result, you limit the opportunities to improve the organisation’s culture and productivity.


Why develop a SaaS platform to address workplace issues in Australia now?

Right now, organisations are caught in the middle from a micro and macro challenges.

The macro challenges include:

  • A shortage of labour, which means HR, safety and risk professionals are under the pump to get more done
  • More regulations and higher expectations around GRC
  • Regulatory changes resulting from Royal Commissions and inquiries in the past 10 years

On a micro level, employees and customers expect businesses to be good global citizens and with freedom of speech via social media, there is no place to hide poor conduct.

If you want to attract and retain good employees and customers, you need to to be a good corporate citizen with a strong culture. Rely is helping leaders do a better job of managing issues, which helps them build better cultures to sustain their organisation long-term.


What types of problems does Rely solve?

A system doesn’t solve problems, people solve problems.

A system like Rely helps leaders comply with regulations and to follow best practice by managing issues in a compassionate way, providing every employee with a fair and consistent process.  It analyses data on safety, conduct and culture risks and does the heavy lifting on the process work of case management, so leaders can use their time on more impactful work.

The types of issues it helps leaders address are broad ranging from sexual harassment, bullying, racism, discrimination, safety hazards, elder abuse, abuse of disabled people and child abuse. Rely can capture, manage and analyse just about any kind of issue, from minor to major.


How has the software been developed and tested?

Rely is developed in Melbourne, Australia, by our in-house team of developers and designers who are led by experts with decades of experience across 20,000 workplace investigations and 4,000 whistleblowing reports.

The platform has been co-designed in collaboration with 30 clients of Your Call, who come from a range of public and private sector organisations including health care, education, mining and agriculture.

Integral to this process has been our expert researcher and anthropologist, who has been a conduit between our clients and the technology developers, bringing a human voice to the product development. She has helped us conduct both primary and secondary research, including interviews, observations and pilots.


Who is using Rely?

It’s used by ASX listed companies and large self-insurers across a wide range of industries, from agriculture to retail.  There are several global companies and sporting organisations who are interested and will onboard soon.


How are organisations using the software?

The early adopters realise the impact of safety, conduct and culture issues on the workplace and understand the importance of capturing data on a wide range of issues – from minor to major.

We’re really pleased to see leaders taking a sophisticated approach to how they detect, respond and ultimately prevent issues that can escalate into bigger cultural, health and safety and performance problems.


Are there any early trends?

More than 85% of issues in the system relate to bullying and harassment, which are key safety concerns.  It’s too early to say whether that reflects the prevalence of bullying and harassment in Australian workplaces or because Rely makes it easier for leaders to capture and analyse data about these issues.


Has it been all smooth sailing?

Certainly not! Life and business always throw curveballs. Building a new product with a new team during the global pandemic was a major challenge but fortunately, our Head of Product and Co-Founder, Ben Newton, was adept at keeping the team informed, motivated and focused.

The labour shortage following the pandemic, particularly in software developers, is another challenge. But we’re proud of the values-driven culture we’ve created at Rely, Your Call and. Clarity Workplace Solutions. The investment in people pays off when your team enjoy their work environment, feel proud of the product and want to stay.


Any final words?

Workplace issues aren’t new, we haven’t stumbled across a new problem but by listening to our customers, we’ve been able to develop a product that is fit for purpose. We’re delighted with the early success of the platform, especially when we hear from users that their life is so much easier with Rely.


Interested to learn more? Book a demo and see for yourself how Rely helps you prevent, detect and respond to safety hazards and conduct & culture risks in one intelligent platform.