Clarity Workplace Solutions New Victorian WorkSafe initiatives – what does it mean for self-insurers

New Victorian WorkSafe initiatives – key takeouts for self-insurers

As organisations that manage their own workers’ compensation claims, self-insurers play a crucial role in ensuring the effective management of return-to-work processes. And the new Return to Work Victoria initiatives reflect a commitment to protecting workers and fostering safe work environments.

The key initiatives provide self-insurers with valuable resources to enhance their approach to rehabilitation and injury management.

Provisional Payments

By providing temporary compensation to injured workers while their workers’ compensation claims are being assessed or finalised, a self-insurer can: 

  • Promptly address the financial needs of injured workers
  • Support their recovery
  • Build good will between the injured worker and the organisation, potentially minimising barriers to return to work

Industry-Based Programs

These programs offer tailored support and guidance specific to the self-insurers’ industry, addressing the unique challenges faced by their sector. 

By aligning with these initiatives, self-insurers can:

·       Enhance their injury management strategies 

·       Promote successful return to work outcomes

·       Learn from the experiences of other similar businesses

Early Intervention Programmes and Mental Health Support

The early intervention programmes in Victoria focus on identifying potential barriers to return to work at an early stage, including mental health.

Early intervention gives workers necessary support and resources during their recovery journey.

By proactively identifying potential barriers and implementing appropriate measures, self-insurers can:

·       Significantly reduce the duration of absences and associated costs 

·       Facilitate improved outcomes for both injured workers and the self-insured organisations

The new return to work initiatives in Victoria foster a safer and more supportive environment for injured workers. Self-insurers can leverage these initiatives to enhance their injury management practices, provide timely support to employees, and ultimately promote successful return to work experiences. 

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