Corporate Chaplains in the Workplace – Wellness, Not Religion

Chaplains aren’t only at schools and in the military; corporate chaplains in workplaces help create a balanced, positive environment. And, no, it’s not about religion – even people who are atheist or agnostic have a spiritual component to their lives.  On our podcast, Ethical Antidotes, we recently interviewed Deana Salvarinov, Executive Director of Corporate Chaplaincy Australia, to give us insight into the world of corporate chaplaincy.

Distinct from the role of psychologists and counselors, corporate chaplains help employees at all levels (including the C-suite) create a daily positive legacy at work.  Just like corporate ethicists, chaplains are concerned with values, wellness, and corporate culture, so that employees thrive.  According to research from Princeton University, corporate chaplains contribute to a positive organisational culture and even bridge cultural divides, fostering inclusion.  Research shows that corporate chaplains also reduce operational costs and reduce staff turnover.  They do this by fostering trusted conversations, being a sounding board, and providing support to staff who desire a listening ear in a non-clinical setting.

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