Board Culture: How to build it better?

Being a Board Member is a complex and high-pressure role due to the level of responsibility and integrity it entails.  As discussed in this episode of our podcast, Ethical Antidotes, ethicist-lawyer Dr Nikola Stepanov encourages Boards to seek robust training for their members, including the use of mentors for applied-guidance in ethical decision-making skills.  Board culture is integral to setting and communicating corporate tone, so it’s vital they radiate ethical DNA.

Dr Stepanov is the Queensland Integrity Commissioner as well as Board Chair and President at Brisbane Youth Service, bringing her a plethora of experience in Board culture.  Notably, she reminds Boards of the importance of personal reflection on conflicts and dualities of interest.  If these go unmanaged, there can be allegations of perceived or actual misconduct.  At Your Call and Clarity Ethics we design and deliver robust training on the topic of conflict of interest to organisations and their employees at all levels.  Gifts, supplementary income, assets, stock, and dual roles are just a few examples of the complex areas to navigate.

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