B Corporation

B Corporation Best for the World 2021 – Winner!

Clarity Workplace Solutions is proud to announce, our sister company Your Call has earned a spot in the top 5% of Certified B Corporation’s globally recognised in B Lab Australia and New Zealand’s Best for the World awards.

Winning the Customer Impact Award defines us as a business that sets the standard for serving our customers and adding value to their stakeholders’ lives while supporting the greater good.

The award builds on the 2019 award for Best of the World overall and Best for the World Customer Impact Award.

These milestones would not be possible without the dedication and determination of Your Call (and Clarity Group’s) people. We believe in the impact we can make to individuals, workplaces and the community. We are unapologetically focused on building better workplaces and giving a voice to all.

Hear from Your Call’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nathan Luker, here on the B Lab Australia and New Zealand magazine.