World Athletics

World Athletics pledges safer social media platforms.

World Athletics, the International Governing Body for the Sport, has made a commitment to its members following the release of a survey into abuse directed at its elite athletes during last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games.

Although the significant level of abuse revealed by the limited survey may have surprised some, the breakdown of abuse statics may not have been as surprising.

The survey determined that nearly 87 percent of all abuse was directed at women, and of that figure 29 percent was of a sexist nature, and 26 percent racist. Further, it was determined that 65 percent of all abuse warranted intervention from the social media platforms.

Following release of the results of the survey World Athletics has made a pledge to undertake further study and to introduce an online framework for all its social media platforms.

Specific pledges in relation to its own social media platforms included:

  • Remove hate speech.
  • Blocking people bringing abuse and hate to its website and platforms.
  • Reporting the most serious cases to relevant authorities.

In addition, World Athletics pledged to ensure that their channels, “continued to cover and celebrate diversity and equality in in sport” and to build on its promise to make its social media platforms used by its members, “a safer and more equal environment for everyone”.

It will be of interest to see if World Athletics’ National Affiliates and their members adopt similar recommendations.

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